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The number ONE provider of loyalty schemes for independent retailers
Key Points Ltd provides an all inclusive Loyalty card package that can be adapted and branded to acheive most trading objectives on a cost effective basis.
The complete package comes fully inclusive of the following:
      customer collector cards
      on-site redemption facility
      high street voucher brochures
      stand alone points terminal
      administration/support materials
      redemption management
      customer helpline
How it works:
1. Customers are given a Collector Card and brochure.
2. Customers receive points with each complete £1 spent.
3. Each card is full when the appropriate number of points is saved.
4. Full cards are redeemed for instant in-store redemption or a choice of 12 high street vouchers.
5. Points are purchased by the retailer on Loader Cards each containing 50,000 points.